THE DESIGN PRIZE is co-founded by Abitare Magazine and Designboom and energised by Edison, it’s an international award, although intrinsically linked to the city of Milan the global epicentre of design. Selected from a long list of over seven hundreds nominees — chosen by a network of 150 selected professionals — every year the TDP shortlist is organized into 10 categories of 3 nominations, – a total of 30. A final jury then chooses the winners.

Following the success of last year, THE DESIGN PRIZE 2018 is once again created from the inside out. It is an initiative that starts backstage. The nomination process consults a worldwide scientific committee of acclaimed professionals – international architects and designers, curators, museum directors, artists and art critics as well as top universities teachers.

THE DESIGN PRIZE is organized into 10 categories:

  1. Social Impact: Improvements in the public realm, like public spaces, mobility, infrastructure and so on
  2. Distribution: Shop Design and Retail, Packaging,…
  3. Communication: Branding, Advertising campaign, Print & Online Magazines and so on
  4. In the artistic realm: (limited) Design/Art Edition
  5. Exhibition Design: Spatial Design
  6. Experimentation: Research, Education and so on
  7. Design Curator and Design Critic (Exhibition / Design event / Design week, …)
  8. Best Design Newcomer
  9. Best Designer
  10. Lifetime Achievement
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